As kids grow, their understanding of foundational truths grows with them. Levels of Biblical Learning covers 10 biblical concept areas—God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, Salvation, Creation, Church, People, Family, Community & World—that children and students can learn as they study God’s Word. The concept areas are presented through different age ranges and reflect levels of understanding that follow how God designed children to learn.

younger preschool

  • developing a sense of trust as needs are met consistently
  • sensing attitudes and expression of love
  • growing in trust of adults
  • beginning to distinguish between acceptable/unacceptable behaviors
  • beginning to recognize simple pictures of Jesus
  • saying "Thank You" to God
  • listening to Bible stories

middle preschool

  • identifying some Bible people and stories
  • understanding that God, Jesus, and the church are special
  • beginning to develop a conscience and are sensitive to feelings of shame and guilt
  • retelling Bible stories
  • recognizing that God and Jesus love people and help people in special ways
  • expressing love for God and Jesus

older preschool

  • remembering Bible stories
  • retelling Bible stories
  • recognizing how God and Jesus love people
  • seeing how God helps people in special ways
  • using the Bible to ask questions about God
  • making life application of Bible verses
  • seeing Jesus as a friend and a helper
  • starting to make conclusions about God

Levels of Biblical Learning content sourced from Lifeway Christian Resources